2018 Legislation

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

2018 Tech Caucus Priority Legislation
The following bills have been chosen by the Members of the Legislative Technology & Innovation Caucus for priority support because of their potential to positively and substantially impact California’s innovation economy.

AB 2418 (Mullin) - California Smart Cities Challenge Grant Program
This bill creates the California Smart City Challenge Grant Program, which awards grants to cities to incorporate emerging technologies into their transportation systems. AB 2418 would also require the California Transportation Commission (CTC) to convene a working group to advise it on the program, and further requires CTC to develop eligibility and selection guidelines for the program by March 2020.  It aims to leverage emerging smart technologies to reduce traffic congestion, increase safety, reduce carbon emissions, connect underserved communities, and spur innovation. Implementation of the program remains contingent upon funding.

AB 2923 (Chiu and Grayson) - San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District: transit-oriented development
This bill requires the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) to adopt transit-oriented development zoning standards for BART-owned land within one-half mile of an existing or planned BART station, and requires affected cities and counties to update zoning to be consistent with BART’s zoning standards within two years. It would also make small changes to California Environmental Quality Act review procedures.  The bill would help expedite the production of well designed, mixed-use development adjacent to transit, which will in turn increase transit ridership, reduce congestion and greenhouse gas outputs, and sustainably accommodate new growth.

SB 830 (Dodd) - Pupil instruction: media literacy: model curriculum
This bill requires the Instructional Quality Commission to develop, and the State Board of Education to adopt, modify, or revise a model curriculum in media literacy for kindergarten and grades 1 to 12, for voluntary use by educators by March 2020.  The measure reflects the need for increased media literacy education for young adults, so that they develop the ability to critically analyze and evaluate information from a wide variety of media sources.  

AB 2812 (Limon) - Data storage and protection standards: local agencies
This bill would create an Office of Local Cloud Migration and Digital Innovation within the California Department of Technology to promote the use of technologies like cloud-based computing and data storage that will assist local agencies in their efforts to further transparency, efficiency, disaster preparedness and public accessibility. The office would prioritize assistance to local agencies in adopting new technologies, and would create a local assistance fund to accept donations and make those funds available for local governments for purposes of the program.

AB 2265 (Obernolte) – High school diplomas: State Seal of STEM
This bill would establish a State Seal of STEM, which would be affixed to high school diplomas of qualified students to recognize students for attaining a high level of proficiency in the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).