Assemblymember Timothy Grayson

Assembly Member Grayson was elected to serve in the California Assembly in November 2016 as the representative of the 14th Assembly District, which encompasses portions of Contra Costa and Solano Counties. He is the son of a Teamster father and his mother was a public transit worker. He is the first in his family to earn a college degree.

In 2010 Tim was elected to serve on the Concord City Council, winning reelection in 2014 and serving on the Council until his election to the Assembly. He also served as Concord’s mayor from 2013 – 2015.

During his tenure on the council Tim helped annually balance the city’s $90 million budget with a 30% reserve for emergencies and spearheaded the Fiscal Sustainability Ordinance which uses extra one-time funds to help pay off current and future unfunded pension and healthcare obligations.

More than 1,700 jobs were created in Concord during Tim’s time on the council, and he was the author of the “Concord First” policy that required specific projects pay living wages, hire local workers and source materials from local businesses.

Tim also worked to create programs supporting families and youth, including co-founding the Central Family Justice Center to assist victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and child and elderly abuse. He worked to return truant older students to school as part of the Concord’s Daytime Curfew Ordinance to prevent crimes during daytime hours, as well as other efforts aimed at reducing gang violence and bringing needed assistance services to the homeless.

Since 2007 Tim has also served as the Concord Police Department’s Critical Response Chaplain, providing emotional support and counseling to first responders, victims and their families during and after critical crimes cases and events.

Tim has been a long time advocate for affordable and local higher education, and has worked to set aside 110 acres for a future 4-year university in Contra Costa County. Contra Costa is currently the only county in the state with more than 1 million residents that does not have a 4-year university.

A long time East Bay resident, Tim lives in Concord with Tammy, his wife of more than 28 years, and their children, a son Joe and daughter Cassie.

Assemblymember Timothy Grayson

14th Assembly District