Senator Steve Glazer

Elected to the California State Senate in a special election in 2015, Senator Steve Glazer won re-election to a full four-year term in November, 2016 by winning 67 percent of the vote in the 7th District.

Senator Glazer has become a forceful advocate for smart, efficient and compassionate government. Considered one of the rare independent voices in the Legislature, Senator Glazer votes the issue, not the party. He has defied easy labels, working with a wide spectrum of groups with varying needs and issues. Senator Glazer supported common sense legislation that upholds his 10 Governing Principles, whether reaching across the aisle or voting with his own party.

Senator Glazer had six bills signed into law in 2016, including his top priority: improving CSU’s four-year graduation rates, one of the lowest in the country, by offering priority registration and enhanced academic advising.

Senator Glazer previously served as a city council member and three-time mayor of Orinda. A lifelong environmental advocate, he led efforts that raised hundreds of millions of dollars to permanently protect open space in California and 25 other states.

A former senior advisor to California’s Governor, Jerry Brown, Senator Glazer worked with Gov. Brown to help return California to solid financial footing in the midst of the Great Recession. He also served as an appointed California State University Trustee, working on limiting tuition increases and lowering administrative costs at CSU.

Senator Glazer is married to Melba Muscarolas, an AT&T executive. They have two daughters. Senator Glazer earned his bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University where he served as Student Body President.

Senator Steve Glazer

7th Senate District