Mission Statement

The California Legislative Technology and Innovation Caucus is a bi-partisan group of Assemblymembers and Senators engaged in a statewide effort to ensure that California remains the global leader in technology and innovation. The Caucus is committed to learning about, protecting and promoting California’s technology and innovation sector.  The Caucus seeks to foster and promote technology and innovation, support legislation that creates jobs, improve the use of technology to improve the lives of people, promote the technology and innovation climate in California, and engage on emerging policy issues.

Caucus Goals

  • Continue to create policies that will foster innovation in California.
  • Foster the growth of the technology industry that has been a tremendous boon to California’s economy.
  • Make sure our next generation receives the proper training and education, so they lead the way for continuous innovation in California.
  • Ensure that high tech businesses are competitive in a global market, and ensure that these businesses continue to be headquartered in the Golden State.